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Meet  Our Team

Beekeeper, bees, honeybees, honey


My name is Cindy, My daughter, Sadye Harris, and I own the Sweet Life Honey Farm, LLC. We run about 300 hives for honey production. We have a store on our farm where you can purchase honey and other products that we make right here on the farm.

honeybee, bee, beekeeper, honey


The hard worker beehind the scenes

Beekeeper, family, honey, bees


I'm Sadye, the daughter, in this mother daughter duo and this is Lolo the next generation beekeeper. I am the Head Beekeeper in charge of hive operations and maintenance. I make sure the hives are healthy and thriving. In addition I raise and sell queen bees.  Its a lot of work but our success in business is based on the success of the bees.


I am Kathy and I have been volunteering at The Bee Hive for the past 3 years to help out Cindy & Sadye. I love helping the customers and learning about all the products, natural items and the bees. Now I have a new love for bees!

Busy Bee Kathy
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