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Bee Inspired!

Hey all!

Welcome to the sweet life of a honey farm! I'm Scott, one of the worker bees here at the Bee Hive. You'll meet the rest of the busy bees over time. We all want you to bee inspired by the work we do and the very important work our honeybees do! Honeybees are so important and vital to our survival, and with a 50 percent mortality rate year over year, we want to get more friends on team beekeeping! Beekeeping and the bee industry is so much more than caring for bees and collecting honey.

We'll cover topics such as products from the hive, essential oils, different DIY tutorials, how bees help the environment, and of course beekeeping. There are so many ways to have fun, get involved, and help the bees. We are a small, eclectic group that loves to joke around and have fun. I encourage you to become apart of our family and check in with us each Monday to see our new post. Bee Inspired and save the world one bee at a time!

Take care everyone and see you next week!

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