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Naturals the name, Essential Oils the Game!

Going natural is becoming more and more popular across society. We are starting to realize that many of the things that we consume, clean, or medicate with all have chemicals and bad stuff in them. That why we see more farmers markets with fresh local produce and meats. Thats why more and more people are starting to shop at small mom and pop shops versus big box stores. Thats also why big box stores are frantically trying to figure out this natural movement and have started offering seemingly more "natural" products. One product we see all over the place is Essential Oils. Essential Oils are amazing products but they require a lot of self education to be able to use them correctly. This is where the big boxes fail. They just have a product on the shelf and leave the rest for you to figure out. Here at The Bee Hive, we pride ourselves on years of essential oil experience. We use them in our soaps, our lotions, our body creams, our lip balms, our bath soaks, and many more products. More recently we have started stocking our shelves with essential oils bottled and ready for the consumer. We take that a step farther. We are knowledgeable in essential oils and different possible uses. We have many books in the shop for quick reference and education. We also hold classes teaching what essential oils are and how to properly use many of them. We care about our customers and about equipping them with information that wont cause product damage or get them hurt. Essential Oils can be used for a number of thing; health, aromatherapy, air purification, cleaning, a whole number of things. However, Essential oils are no joke to just mess around with. They are potent, they are powerful, and they can cause harm when used incorrectly. Essential oils should be treated like a medicine. You wouldnt just start tossing pills down your throat and hope they work! Essential Oils work differently for different people for different problems. We dont make any specific claims of cures but many doctors attest to their usefulness. In Europe they actually have started recognizing Essential Oils as a medicine and doctors can proscribe treatment plans. Until they are more recognized in the US we urge you to continue any medical treatment currently prescribed to you and talk to your doctor about oils you would like to start using. If you have any questions about Essential oils stop by the shop and we will be more than happy to help you on your oily journey! Remember to BEE Inspired and this week BEE Oily!

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