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For the Love of HONEY!

Honey, with its rich golden color and sweetening power has long been cherished by many. For thousands of years honey has been sought after and requested by the wealthiest among us. Honey was often given to Kings, Brides, and Grooms. It was thought that honey could bring sweetness to anyone and gifts of honey were welcomed by many couples hoping to add that much more sweetness to their relationship or marriage. Honey is also remarkable in the fact that it is the only food that last forever! Thats right FOREVER!!! The perfect wedding gift it wish a forever lasting love. Or when gifting to a king wishing the King a long lasting life. Honey has been found buried with Egyptian Kings. (I'm not sure who tasted THAT honey...seems a bit gross to me! But the key is that the honey was still good!) Honey became a symbol of a sweet love that would endure and last forever. Happy Valentines Day my friends. May you find a love everlasting, whether it is with your one love, a child, a parent, grandparent or a true friend! Remember to BEE Inspired, and this week (and all weeks) LOVE Inspired!

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