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It may be white, bright and beautiful...BEE time

We have some gorgeous snow outside, but it is the time of year when we start taking orders for packaged bees. We are getting the website all set up so that those who want to order may start placing their orders. Our pick up Date looks like it will be April 21 or 2022. Keep in mind we are dealing with insects and they do not always cooperate with the dates that have been chosen for us. If you order with us, check our facebook page for updates or just give us a call..260-468-2657. If you do not hear back from us, call us again, our building is covered in metal and some of those messages we get sound like Charlie Browns teacher and our antiquated phone does not store your number. Price this year is $140.00 on the website and $ 137.50 for those who pay cash. We have only so many packages and the money is what will hold them for you. Once you make your decision to purchase this is a nonrefundable purchase. These are held specifically for you and reserved for you. It is not fair to turn people away because someone is unsure. If you need a prep class we can help with that and details will come. Thanks for all of your support and we will discuss more later.

Sweet Life Honey Farm, LLC


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