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Honey don't feel down!

We are well into 2018 feeling positive and optimistic about the new year! Resolutions are in full swing and hopes are high. That all comes to a screeching halt when it hits you, a cold or flu. Yuck! Being sick is absolutely no fun especially when it disrupts your new-found mojo. Well fortunately for us there are many healthy natural remedies that can help maintain those pesky symptoms. I bet you can guess which one comes to mind for us here on the farm! HONEY! Honey is an amazing product. Many people turn to honey for its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey also lends itself to help sooth a sore throat or tame a cough. There have been many studies done speaking to these claims! We hear at the honey farm just love the taste in our tea and coffee, the added health benefits whatever they may be are just a lovely bonus. Honey has also proved to kill or stifle different bacteria and can be used in wound care to prevent infection. Honey is just a miracle! WebMD, because they know what they are talking about, points out a study done on children and how successful honey is in suppressing nighttime cough when compared to other over the counter medicines. Once we make it through cold and flu season we have allergy season to combat. Gah it’s a never-ending health battle! Honey has been well documented to aid in seasonal allergies. The key is to find local raw honey as it will contain micro-particles of pollen that can help build up immunity to allergens that are local to your area. A word of caution to parents, we do not recommend raw honey consumption in children under one year of age. Their immune systems are not fully developed, and raw honey can affect them differently. Honey is our life and we just want it to make your life better! So add more honey to your life and keep that pep of a bright New Year!  Remember to BEE Inspired and this week BEE healthy! 

*the Sweet Life Honey Farm, LlC does not make any medical claims or set treatment plans we keep that to the professionals!

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